Family Dentistry

Dental check-ups

Regular dental examinations are vital for healthy teeth as they enable the dentist to spot the development of any potential problems in the earliest stages. This means that action can be taken before the problems become irreversible, or even result in the loss of teeth. All our patients are encouraged to attend for a check-up every 6 - 12 months. The dentist thoroughly examines all the teeth and gums and will take any necessary radiographs at this appointment.

We have a team of hygienists who provide an extensive range of services from regular scale and polishes to full mouth disinfections. They also offer in-surgery tooth whitening and oral health advice. Our patients are able to book in regularly for their maintenance appointments as we have five different hygienists to choose from, with early and late appointments available.

Routine treatments

It is inevitable that, from time to time, some patients will require restorative dental treatments such as fillings, root canal treatments, crowns or dentures. We use the latest technological advances and techniques to provide the best possible care in these areas. Our light-cured composite restorations are tooth-coloured to give an enduring and aesthetic solution to filling cavities.

The use of a high-powered microscope enables the dentists to perform complex and precise root canal treatments effectively. We work in combination with the best laboratories in the Northwest to construct crowns, bridges and dentures that our patients will be proud to show off when they smile. For examples of these visit the treatment section of our website.

Younger Patients

Our younger patients really enjoy coming to the dentist! Our program of preventive care means that the children who attend Standish Street Dental are far less likely to suffer from dental problems requiring invasive treatments.

We endeavour to create a RELAXED, FUN environment for children - our Oral Health Educator uses toys, models, pictures, films and games to help demonstrate tooth brushing techniques and the effects of different diets on teeth in our purpose-built children's advice area.

At regular appointments, the children's DIET is monitored along with BRUSHING and plaque levels and given a score, which encourages them to work hard between visits. We teach that tooth brushing can be fun and that it is best to learn how to look after your teeth from the very beginning.

Regular Check-Ups for Children

The dentist will regularly check the progress of the teeth and gums of all our younger patients, as the greatest changes occur within a mouth in the formative years. We also regularly work in conjunction with NHS practitioners to provide orthodontic care for those children who require readjustment of their dental development.

As children begin to lose their 'milk' teeth and the permanent dentition comes through, the adult molar teeth are very vulnerable to developing caries. At this vital stage, our dental hygienists can place 'fissure sealants' over these teeth to protect them from erosion, as advised by the dentist. Fissure sealants and oral health education appointments are included in the cost of our Denplan Children's Excel accredited payment scheme (£12.92/month 8-18yrs or £9.67/month 5-6yrs) or can be paid for per visit.